How to Sell Food at a Farmers Market in California: A Guide for California Residents

Are you a California resident looking to make a living by selling food at a farmers market? If so, you'll need to understand the regulations and requirements for doing so. The California Farmers Market Association (CFMA) and the Southland Farmers Market Association (SFMA) are responsible for ensuring that the food provided at certified farmers markets is safe, hygienic, and free from any imminent health and safety hazards. To get started, you'll need to establish a relationship with the CFMA and offer a pleasant, responsible, and professional work experience. If you're not a producer, agricultural producer, or food supplier, there are still ways to participate in the agricultural market.

Health and safety inspections at certified farmers markets ensure that operations comply with titles 8 and 11 of the Los Angeles County Code and with the California Retail Food Code (California Code). The Office of the Commissioner of Agriculture (Marin Department of Agriculture) will conduct an on-site inspection to verify that you are actually producing the items described in your request. All certified farmers markets in Los Angeles County must obtain a public health permit, regardless of location. Inspectors act under the authority of titles 8 and 11 of the Los Angeles County Code and the California Retail Food Code (California Code).Complaints related to certified farmers markets can be filed by calling the Division of Environmental Health at (88) 700-9995 or by filing a complaint online.

Contact individual market managers by phone or by visiting the market to see if they are interested in adding you to the market. Certified farmers markets operate in accordance with Chapter 10.5, starting with Section 47000, Division 17 of the Food and Agriculture Code, and the regulations adopted pursuant to that chapter (call code 11374).We understand how important it is for California residents to make a living doing what they love. That's why we want to help you understand how to sell food at a farmers market in California. With this guide, you'll be able to navigate the regulations and requirements for selling food at a certified farmers market in California.

Tricia Sweetman
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