Exploring California's Farmers Markets

California is a renowned state for its agricultural abundance. From the rolling hills of Point Reyes to the bustling streets of Santa Barbara, there are more than 700 certified farmers markets across the state. Whether you're looking for local produce, demonstrations by local chefs, or live music, California's farmers markets have something for everyone. The California Farmers Market Association's 14-market system serves more than 26,000 households each week.

Point Reyes Farmers Market is open seasonally from June to November and offers a variety of local produce, as well as demonstrations by local chefs and live music. Santa Barbara has eight weekly farmers' markets, with the main event taking place on Old Town State Street every Tuesday in the late afternoon. If you're driving through Stockton, take a short detour and visit one of San Joaquin's certified farmers markets. The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market is located outside the Ferry Building, next to the San Francisco Embarcadero.

Santa Monica hosts farmers markets four days a week, but the most popular is the Wednesday farmer's market in the city center. The California Farmers Market Alliance is compiling best practices from agricultural markets across the state in response to COVID-19. The San Luis Obispo County Farmers Market is a weekly event that attracts college students, locals and visitors looking for a fun way to spend their time. Point Reyes Farmers Market is more of a day trip than the average market due to its location and offerings. By shopping at farmers markets, consumers can enjoy local products, find healthier alternatives to available prepackaged foods, and reduce their carbon footprint by avoiding the transportation inherent in mass-produced products. Established in 1982, the Saturday market on the corner of Santa Bárbara and Cota Streets hosts 110 vendors and is the largest agricultural market in the city.

With a farmers market to choose from every day of the week, there are plenty of products to eat in the Golden State. The Saturday farmer's market at San Francisco's Ferry Plaza features product suppliers, surrounding restaurants and a list of vendors that changes seasonally. This farmers market is one of the largest in the state and has the participation of nearly 200 farmers and artisans. Some of California's most famous agricultural specimens are grown in the Stockton area, and the San Joaquin Certified Farmers Market is open for public sale to help the community with the best fruits and vegetables.

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