Exploring Public Transportation Options Near the Midtown Farmers Market in Sacramento

Exploring a new city can be a daunting and challenging task, especially when it comes to parking and other transportation needs. Fortunately, the Midtown Farmers Market in Sacramento, California, offers a variety of public transportation options to make your trip easier. Organized by the Midtown Association and managed by Unseen Heroes, this free, family-friendly market is held year-round, every Saturday, on 20th Street between J and L Streets. The Midtown Farmers Market showcases local agriculture, prepared foods, artisans and artisans, while providing an opportunity for Midtown residents and business owners to discover food grown in the region.

Located in the heart of Midtown, the market serves as a lively and fun meeting place where Sacramento residents can gather to shop and enjoy the community with neighbors and visitors alike. The following transportation lines have routes that pass near Midtown:

  • Bus: 7, 15, 30
  • Light Rail: GOLD LINE
We make traveling to Midtown Farmers Market easy, which is why more than 1.5 million users, including Sacramento users, trust Moovit as the best public transportation app. View schedules, routes, schedules and find out how long it takes to get to Midtown Farmers Market in real time. There are also a variety of public parking options outside the city.

While we don't offer listings of all available facilities, you can search Yelp for more information. Exploring a new city doesn't have to be a daunting task. With the variety of public transportation options available near the Midtown Farmers Market in Sacramento, California, you can easily get around town without having to worry about parking or other transportation needs.

Tricia Sweetman
Tricia Sweetman

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