Are Dogs Allowed at Sacramento Farmers Markets? A Guide for Pet Owners

California Health and Safety Code & 114259, 5 states that live animals are not allowed in certified farmers markets or allowed food establishments, with the exception of service animals. At the Midtown Farmers Market, dogs can walk through the market, but not at the immediate stalls. Jose Gallardo, from Gallardo's Organic Farm, has a booth at the Midtown Farmers Market with a variety of fresh produce. The market is managed by Unseen Heroes and is organized by the Midtown Business Association.

Are you a pet owner in Sacramento looking to take your furry friend out for a day of shopping? If so, you may be wondering if dogs are allowed at local farmers markets. The answer is yes and no. Certified farmers markets are food establishments regulated by the Department of Health, so dogs and other companion animals are not allowed. This is due to California Health and Safety Code 114259.5, which states that, with the exception of service animals, “live animals are not allowed into a food establishment”.

However, many farmers markets in Sacramento allow pet owners to bring their dogs as long as they remain on a leash and away from the stalls. Sacramento has two year-round farmers markets: the Sunday Farmers Market on 8th and W Streets and the Midtown Farmers Market on Saturday on 20th Street between J and K Streets. The market is certified by the Sacramento County Commissioner of Agriculture, which allows “certified” and “uncertified” producers to sell their agricultural products as long as they meet certain quality standards. At these markets, pet owners can take their dogs for a walk around the market but must keep them away from the stalls.

This is to ensure that all customers have a safe and enjoyable experience while shopping for fresh produce. So if you're looking to take your pup out for a day of shopping in Sacramento, make sure to check out one of the local farmers markets! Just remember to keep your dog on a leash and away from the stalls.

Tricia Sweetman
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