Educational Programs at the Farmers Market in Sacramento, California

Are you looking to open a certified farmers market or become a certified producer in Sacramento, California? The application for Certified Farmer's Market is now available online in an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. To view the application, you must have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download on the Adobe website. If your county does not appear on this list, contact your county Office of Agriculture and request that they contact the CDFA and make the necessary arrangements to use this online application system. The Kids Spring Farmers Market, organized by the Food Literacy Center, is an educational program that provides cooking and nutrition education to children in low-income elementary schools throughout the Sacramento City Unified School District.

This program is designed to improve health, economy and the environment. During the spring farmer's market, students and their families will receive a bag of produce ready to be picked up instead of the traditional shopping opportunity. John Still is located in an area considered to be a “food desert”: the closest operating agricultural market to campus is five miles away. The Spring Farmers Market, in partnership with Nugget Markets, will offer students at the Food Literacy Center the opportunity to take home a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables during the mandatory Sacramento shelter. Donations are accepted to help the Center for Food Literacy continue to provide fresh vegetables and food literacy education to Sacramento students in low-income schools. If you are interested in participating in this educational program or learning more about it, contact your county office where the market is located or where you want to sell your product.

You can also visit the Food Literacy Center website for more information.

Tricia Sweetman
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