Handicap Accessibility at Sacramento Farmers Market: Ensuring an Accessible Environment for Everyone

California law prohibits certified farmers markets from allowing animals (except service animals) to enter areas of a market where food is sold. Butano Drive Parking Lot, Sacramento Capitol Shopping Center, & 6th Street, Sacramento are some of the places where people can find a farmers market. If a person in a wheelchair requests help to cross or go around a barrier, the farmer's market should provide personal assistance whenever possible. The farmer's market can also remind each seller of the market's rules that the law states that accommodating people with disabilities is legal.

In order to ensure that everyone can enjoy the farmers market experience, it is important for agricultural markets to take active steps to create accommodations for people with disabilities. This includes making sure that the site is secure at the beginning of the market and providing temporary hosting if requested. Additionally, if any remodeling or construction of buildings is taking place, accessible housing may need to be built. It is also important for farmers' markets to not prohibit people with disabilities from attending and to ensure that they are not prevented from using the bathroom. To go beyond the basics, many farmers markets will need more support to comply with the ADA.

Farmers' markets should consider documenting any activity they take to create accommodations, such as taking a photo of a wheelchair-accessible portable toilet or a handwashing station. It is also useful to document any requests for adaptations that the agricultural market cannot accommodate and the reasons why. If you are looking for handicap accessible areas at Sacramento Farmers Market in California, you can contact Amelia or Kevin at 916-442-8575 for more information. The law states that accommodating people with disabilities is legal and it is important for farmers markets to ensure that they are providing an accessible environment for everyone.

Tricia Sweetman
Tricia Sweetman

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