The Best Bike Racks for Shopping at the Farmers Market in Sacramento, California

Living in the heart of Sacramento, California, has its advantages. With the farmers market in downtown Sacramento, on J and 20th Street, open for two Saturdays, and other markets located nearby, it's easy to find fresh and dry food. But if you're planning to bike to the market, you'll need to know where to find the best bike racks. The main farmers market is only 8 blocks from my house, although the one under the highway on Sundays at 8 and W is 16 blocks away, Chavez Plaza 11 blocks away on Wednesdays, Fremont Park 1 block away on Tuesdays, Capitol Park 3 blocks away and Capitol Mall 12 blocks away on Thursdays.

There are also plenty of bike stores in downtown Davis where you can buy a bike. At the main farmers market, there are traffic jams on W Street between Southside Park and the market, largely caused by people driving to the market. To avoid this congestion and reduce your carbon footprint, consider biking to the market instead. Bike racks are located along the sidewalk and at neighboring businesses.

Please lock your bike when you visit the market. Butano Drive Parking, Sacramento Capitol Shopping Center, number 26 6th Street, Sacramento are some of the places where you can find bike racks. When buying a bike, make sure it is durable enough to last four years but not so expensive as to be tempting for thieves. UC Davis has an excellent student-run campus bus system, called Unitrans, which students can use for free (with a student identification card) to travel around campus and also to places such as downtown Davis, West Village, the hospital, neighborhood shopping centers, doctors' offices, theaters, and the Davis farmers market. The most unique feature of Sacramento's Midtown Farmers Market is that it encourages bicycle shopping.

Thanks to the Midtown Business Association and Liz Studebaker for having a broader view of what a farmers market can be. It seems that at other farmers' markets you drive less and walk a little more since people visit them at lunchtime walking from work in the center of the city. So if you're looking for fresh produce or prepared food near downtown Sacramento or Davis, consider biking instead of driving. You'll save time and money while reducing your carbon footprint.

Tricia Sweetman
Tricia Sweetman

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